Good Sleep

Hello!!! Can you post your suggestion about good sleep? I need your suggestion for the next English class.

Read this text:


Ps.: post a text in English.sleep

Thank You!!!


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  1. Our body has an internal biological clock that regulates sleep, called circadian rhythm: when you create the habit of sleeping at the same time, helps synchronize your sleep cycle with this inside, which makes for a good night’s sleep.
      – Avoid staying in bed “waiting for sleep to come.” Only when absolutely lie sleeping;

    – Try not to make physical activity after 18 hours;

    – Do not make much stimulating activities in the hours before sleep;

    – Take a hot bath. It helps lower blood pressure and induces sleep;

    – Before going to sleep, read a good book. This will help clear your mind from day to day;

    – Do not take problems to bed.

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